Learn how to install a silent gliss curtain track with military precision

I have spent the last five years running me decorating business and part-time work as an electrician. Due to my line of work I have often been faced with installing the latest electric curtain tracks in many people’s homes, and is common misconception that these electric curtains are difficult to install so I am here to dispel this myth.

Firstly let’s discuss these Electric curtain poles to get started with. Now there’s a good chance that you will not have come across something like a Silent Gliss Curtain Track, this is because it is a relatively new technology that not a great deal of people are aware. The reason that I mention these silent gliss non corded curtain tracks it’s because these are the industry leaders who are really pay any ring the technology behind this equipment.

silent gliss curtain track

So how does a Silent Gliss curtain track work?

The majority of these gadgets are powered from mains electric, this makes them especially easy to install as typically you plug in your curtain rail and it is ready to work. They work by responding automatically to instructions sent to them via a remote control, the radio receiver located on the silent gliss curtain track themselves detect a signal and then start a motor that slides your curtains in to a closed position.

These electric gadgets can also come equipped with daylight detectors, you may need to pay a little more money for these extras however and they typically only come on the advanced models of curtain tracks. These daylight sensors work by detecting the ambient light conditions of the surroundings, you can then set them to close themselves at a certain light setting, meaning that your curtains can function without any manual input from yourself.

How to install an electric curtain track

Installing an electric curtain track couldn’t be easier. Fortunately the manufacturers of these products have made it as easy as possible for people to be able to fit them in their own homes without needing to employ someone like myself who specialises in installing electrical goods for people.

Firstly, you’ll want to purchase your curtain track. If you’re trying to avoid as much work as possible, then you’ll need to find a curtain pole seller that per-assembles your equipment before they actually send it out to you. If you’re receiving your electric curtains already assembled then there really isn’t much to do, if you already have a curtain track in place then it’s just a case of putting it into position and making sure that your power lead can reach the electricity socket.

Some installation tips for curtain tracks

There are a number of tips that I’ve picked up in my experience of fitting these curtain systems. The first and probably the most valuable tip is to make sure that your electric curtains have a power cord, or rather that you have an electric extension cable that can reach the nearest output socket.

electric curtains

Another tip that will help you install your curtains is to ensure that you get your original measurements just right. If you aren’t precise with your measurements, when your curtain pole is actually manufactured it will be delivered and won’t fit your windows!