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Royal Marines

Everything you need to know about Royal Marines

The Royal Marines form the fighting men of the royal navy. The history of the formation of the Royal Marie traces back to 1664 and beyond, when they were involved in various wars including the Ward war I  and II. They’re a light infantry force that is trained to deploy anywhere in the world and are also capable and trained to deal with various degrees of threats. They have spent years to expertise in extreme working conditions like arctic warfare, mountain warfare, and many more.

Throughout history, we can come across the Royal Maries fighting against the British army,  including significant wars like the Seven Year War, Crimean war, world war I and II. They are in close alliance with the international marine forces like the ones of the United States and the Netherlands Marine Corps.

Royal Marine

Joining the Royal Marine

Joining the Royal Marine is nothing less than joining an army- it is not everyone’s cup of tea. You’ll have to work in the most hostile and treacherous environments and terrains, and that is just your average day. There can be a lot of danger ahead of you. The entire troop consists of 47 commandos, and there is no such thing as an average commando. Every commando in the team is exceptional.

Your Role

  • One of the significant roles is dealing with the humanitarian, human made and naturally occurring crises in the world, or the land on which you’re based. Ranging from assaults to humanitarian aids, you have to face various amount of combats and operations.
  • It involves constant travelling and changing of deployment camps, wherever you’re needed the most. It could be hostile jungles, mountain ranges etc. You ought to have the feature of adaptability in your blood.
  • Showcase excellent military skills to become anything from an Armourer to a leader.
  • Protect the nation’s interest and maintain unity and brotherhood. You will also have to form specialties and bonds with other troops and comrades, that should never be broken, under any circumstances.

Benefits and Payment

  • You’ll receive a salary of over 15,000 pounds, once you start your training
  • Once you receive your green beret, the pay increases to 20,000 pounds. Depending on the progress and success in your career, it can rise to 51,000 pounds. However, specializing in certain disciplines and fields can result in additional pay.
  • Six weeks of leave per annum
  • Subsidized accommodation and travel to wherever you’re based
  • Excellent pension after retirement
  • Free medical and health care


Eligibility criteria to join the team

  • Age between 16 and 32 to begin with the training process
  • No minimum qualifications or a degree required
  • Maximum Body Mass Index of 28 or a minimum of 65 kg. Certain exceptions are depending on the height and waistline
  • Minimum height of 151.5cm
  • A citizen of the United Kingdom
  • Extremely dedicated for positivity in need of the hour
  • Excellent team player and highly self-disciplined
  • Ability to tackle problems and also cope well under pressure
  • Good physical and muscle mass with a mental robustness

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