Royal Navy

Some Important Things About The Royal Marine Corps

The Corps of the Royal Marines has been known to be an ambitious light infantry and also one of the five fighting arms of the Royal Navy. The marines can actually trace their origins back to the formation of the English army’s Duke of York and Albany Maritime Regiment of the foot at the grounds of an honourable artillery company in October 1664. They are highly specialised, and they are an adaptable elite infantry force. The Royal Marines have been trained for rapid deployment all over the world, and they are capable with dealing with a extensive range of threats. The Royal Marines have been organised properly into a light infantry brigade and also many numbers of separate units which include 47 commando Royal Marines and company strength commitment to special forces support groups. They have also been known to operate in all kinds of environment and climate. Their expertise is in the amphibious environment, Arctic warfare, mountain warfare and expeditionary warfare and also that commitment to the United Kingdom’s rapid reaction forces.

Here’s some more information about them.

They were founded on 28th October in the year 1664. The country of origin is the United Kingdom. They play an expeditionary, amphibians, Arctic, force role and protection. They have 7760 Royal Marines and 750 Royal Marines reserve. They are a proper part of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom. They have naval offices in Whitehall, London, England. Some nicknames are they have our Royals, bootnecks, Jollies, commandos. Their official colours are a royal navy blue, light infantry green, drummer red and old gold.

Royal Marines

All across history, the Royal Marines have actually seen a lot of action in so many major wars and often fighting beside the British Army. This includes the seven years’ war, the Napoleonic Wars, the Crimean War, World War I and World War II as well. If we are talking about recent times, they have been primarily deployed in expeditionary warfare roles such as Falklands War, the gulf war, the Bosnian war, Sierra Leone Civil War, Kosovo war, Iraq war and also the war in Afghanistan. Royal Marines have also been known to have very close international ties with allied marine forces with United States of America Marine Corps and also the Netherlands Marine Corps.

If we are talking about today, the royal marines have become an elite fighting force with the British Armed Forces, and they have undergone so many substantial changes over time.

The Royal Marines are a part of the Naval service, and they are completely and thoroughly in command of the fleet commander. The rank structure of the corps is similar to that of the British army with officers and other ranks, which are recruited and initially trained separately from other naval personnel.

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